My First Pattern!

Tucked Mitts Pattern

Gauge: 6 sts/inch

Yarn: Worsted Weight in a Main Color (black) and 2 Contrast Colors (Red and Gold)

Needles: 3.5mm  (I prefer a denser fabric for mitts, if you prefer a looser fabric use a larger needle)

Size: Women’s Med

Special Stitches:

Tuck Stitch: Using right hand needle, pick up the purl bump from 4 rows down and knit it together with the stitch on the left hand needle.

CO 40 sts with MC and join to be worked in the round.  I used the two circular method so had 20 sts on each needle.

Work K2, P2 ribbing for 8 rows.

*Switch to CC1 and Knit 5 rows.

Next Row:  Work Tuck stitch across row.

Switch to MC and Knit 3 rows.

Switch to CC2 and Knit 5 rows.

Next row:  Work Tuck Stitch across row.

Switch to MC Knit 3 Rows.*

Work from * to* for desired length or number of “rings”.

After last row of Tuck stitch is worked Switch to MC and Knit 5 rows.

Begin Thumb Gusset:

Row 1:  M1, K 40, M1.

Row2: Knit across all stitches.

Row 3: K1, M1, Place marker, K40, Place marker, M1, K1

Row 4: Knit across all stitches.

Row 5: K to marker, M1, K40, M1, Knit to end.

Row 6: Knit across all stitches.

Repeat Rows 5 and 6 until there are 14 thumb gusset stitches between the markers.

Next Row:  Knit around to second marker, BO 14 gusset stitches.

From here you will continue knitting in the round on the main 40 sts, closing the small gap over the bound off thumb stitches.

Knit 5 Rows.

Knit 7 Rows of K2, P2 ribbing.

Bind Off in Pattern.


4 Responses to “My First Pattern!”

  1. Kat Johnson Says:

    Love the mitts! If you get me for a swap, I would love a pair in Ravenclaw colors;>

    • gargoylelib Says:

      Thanks! I’m wanting to make myself a set in Ravenclaw colors but haven’t quite found the right color combination 🙂

  2. Lesley Says:

    When it says repeat rows 5&6, is it supposed to say until there is 14 stitches between markers

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